How it Works

SWAPO is an advanced crypto currency wallet that uses peer-to-peer smart contracts to process transactions on blockchain without any transaction fee! With SWAPO, You can send, receive and store your cryptocurrencies securely and at no cost!

Work Process

A platform built to help mass adoption of blockchain in Africa

Africa is the most blockchain friendly continent. With SWAPO, we want to use our technology to help accelerate the adoption of blockchain by African Nations to benefit both consumers and businesses.

  • 100% Anonymous Network. No KYC Required.

  • Send, Receive and Store your crypto currencies with 0 transaction fees.

  • Patented technology of encryption to help you secure your crypto assets.

Patented Blockchain Based Crypto Wallet

With advanced R&D, SWAPO is equipped with following features and benefits:

Safe & Secure
Safe and Secure

SWAPO uses an advanced encryption technology which makes it one of the most secure crypto currency wallets on the market. You can be assured that your crypto assets are stored in a safe and secure system.

Early Bonus
App Rewards

Earn rewards and commissions within the app by participating in different programs in the app. To get started, please login to your back office with your username and password.

Univarsal Access
100% Anonymous

We believe that DeFi is the future of our financial world. SWAPO is a 100% anonymous crypto currency wallet where you can store your crypto assets without any limits and KYCs.

Secure Storage
Decentralized Network

SWAPO is a Decentralized app that uses a cloud-based blockchain network to process transactions. The ledger of all the crypto currency transactions is publicly available and can be accessed through a block explorer.

Low Cost
0% Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are always a hurdle when it comes to blockchain adoption at scale. At SWAPO, you can do as many in-app transactions as you want without any transaction fee.

Several Profit
Income Producing Products

SWAPO offers multiple income producing products and programs. You can buy unlimited products and increase your income by participating in our investment pools.

mobile apps

Android and IOS

Our team of engineers and blockchain developers is working round the clock to bring SWAPO android and IOS Apps to the consumers. Our upcoming apps will include features such as convert, send, receive and buy crypto products and assets within the app. Stay tuned for an update!

  • User Friendly UX/UI.

  • Hosted on a decentralized cloud network.

  • 100% anonymous and secure.

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Frequently Asked questions

Please go through the following frequently asked questions and if you have further queries, please feel free to contact support!

Is KYC required to activate my account?

SWAPO is an anonymous network. Your account is activated immediately as soon as you create an account. However, to process transactions, you need to buy atleast 1 Turbo in that crypto currency.

Do I have to pay a transaction fee for each transaction?

You will only have to pay a transaction fee at the time of withdrawal from the app. You can send and receive crypto currencies within the app without a transaction fee.

Do I need to pay a subscription fee?

There is no subscription fee to use our products and services. You can use the SWAPO app and network for free.

Is it compulsory to buy a Tubro?

You need to have atleast 1 Turbo to in a crypto currency to process your transaction in that crypto asset. For example, if you have 1 BTC turbo, you can process all BTC transactions without any transaction and additionally make income on your tubo.

How to connect my account with the SWAPO app?

You will be provided with a Seed Code at the time of sign up. Download SWAPO app and go to the recovery mode. Enter your secret seed code and your account will be attached to your mobile app.

What if I forget my seed code?

Your secret seed code is extremely important. If you forget your secret seed code, your account along with its crypto assets will be lost and cannot be recovered. Please follow the instructions of safety while creating your account.

How to recover my account?

In order to recover your account, you must have your username and secret seed code. Click on the forgot credentials link on the login page and enter your username and secret code. If the information is correct, you will be redirected to a new page to enter your new password.

How to contact support?

Click on the small chat icon on the right bottom corner of the website or send us an email at [email protected] and our customer support team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.